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The unique psychology based programme that shows you what you need, and none of what you don’t need, so you can FINALLY get the emotional relationship with food you need for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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    Well I’m glad you asked …

    It’s a unique 8 week brain-training mind body transformation programme.

    It is a science based combination of psychology, guided meditation and mindfulness, to change your emotional relationship with food.

    Creating a healthy emotional relationship with food for a healthier and happier life, without feeling guilty or deprived.

    It’s all about changing only what you need to change, and none of what you don’t need to worry about.

    So you can FINALLY have a better emotional relationship with food.

    We all know that dieting usually fails.

    Most dieters struggle to lose a few pounds … and then put it all back on again immediately afterwards.

    Find out more …

    Don’t torture yourself with another depressing fad diet, that probably won’t work.

    Don’t eat food you don’t enjoy … you’ll feel cheated and deprived, and nobody wants that.

    When a diet plan forces you to eat food you don’t enjoy, you can become miserable and depressed.

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    if you’re a serial dieter, THIS IS WHAT YOU’ve been waiting for.

    Ok, we get it … you’ve tried EVERY diet.

    You might have lost some pounds. But the pounds you lost, soon found you again! So you tried ANOTHER diet … and that didn’t work either!

    It’s time to get off the endless diet treadmill.

    Diet Books


    MindfullyTrim is NOT a diet
    No “diet plans”
    No forbidden foods
    No calorie counting
    No “points” or “units”
    No weekly weigh-ins
    No “meal replacement” snack bars
    No feelings of guilt
    No weird shakes that smell like fruit but taste like cardboard
    No monthly or weekly subscription payments

    If you hate your bathroom scales, you’ll love this.

    By understanding how your metabolism works, MindfullyTrim teaches you a better way of measuring your healthy progress.

    MindfullyTrim DOES NOT involve weekly weigh-ins. In fact, there is no need to weigh yourself ever again!

    Get rid of the stress and anxiety of the dreaded bathroom scales .. in fact, get rid of the scales!

    You hate the scales more than they hate you


    Easy “brain training” exercises that are suitable for anyone

    Willpower is not required

    Suitable for any person, any age, any size, any gender and in any country.

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