“MindfullyTrim™ 8-week brain training programme changes your emotional relationship with food and your relationship to your own body. No dieting. No surgery.”

The numbers on the bathroom scales don't matter
The numbers on the bathroom scales don't matter

Scientific research shows that, after 5 years, 93% of dieters were heavier than they were before they started dieting


In fact, most dieters would be healthier, if they hadn’t started dieting in the first place!

Source: Traci Mann, UCLA

Mindfully Trim is NOT a diet

Mindfully Trim IS NOT a diet

  • NO calorie counting
  • NO weekly weigh-ins
  • NO regular subscriptions
  • NO special types or brands of food to buy
  • NO “shakes” to make
  • NO expensive boxes of prepared food
  • NO weird food combinations
  • NO pills
  • NO crazy new kitchen equipment
  • NO surgery



“This unique, 8 week programme combines psychology, mentoring, brain-training, coaching, mindfulness and guided meditation, designed to change your relationship with food.”



Healthy eating is all in the mind

Healthy eating starts with healthy thinking

This unique, 8 week programme combines

  • psychology
  • mentoring
  • brain-training
  • coaching
  • mindfulness
  • guided meditation

to change your relationship with food



Confidence to take on the world.

Be confident that you are making the right choices, for the right reasons

Doing something for the right reasons is as important as doing the right thing.

Mindfully Trim gives you the psychological tools for “indestructible” self confidence.

Cancel the naysayers and block the haters!

You know what is good for you, and you have the self-confidence to take the right actions to create a better, happier life.



Actions are affected by emotions. Different emotions produce different actions. Different actions produce different results.

Understand why your emotions affect your decisions

Thousands of tiny, almost automatic, decisions you have made you what you are today.

Decisions that seemed so small, you hardly noticed them.

Those tiny automatic actions, were probably affected by your emotions.

You will know how to move from “automatic” decisions to a clearer way of thinking.

No more impulsive choices that you might regret later.



Small easy changes leads to big success

Easy does it…

It’s all about small changes.

Changes that don’t hurt

Changes that are easy to do and easy to remember.

This mental and psychological programme is about changing your attitude and your emotional state, which leads to an automatic change in your bahviour.

This is not a quick fix ; it is a long term, permanent transformation of your mind and your body.




Manage your moods

Have you made a bad decision when you were angry or upset?

Honestly, no-one makes good decisions when they are stressed or angry!

Managing your moods helps you make better choices.

And better choices means better outcomes … and lower blood pressure!




Overcoming Temptation

Temptation is everywhere!

The Mindfully Trim programme will teach you how to side-step temptation, without even thinking about it.



No, you don’t have to do "desk yoga" to become calm and melt away stress.

Instant Calm

Discover the mental techniques to banish stress and create instant calm.

Detect your own personal stress triggers and “press delete” on them before they take effect.



Is something, or SOMEONE holding you back?

What’s holding you back?

Is something, or someone, holding you back?

The Mindfully Trim programme will show you how to spot obstacles …

… and teach you ways to get round or remove those obstacles.



Celebration time c'mon.

Social conditioning

may be many areas of conditioning in our lives:


  • Family conditioning: The expectation that at certain times with the family, you will eat certain things, no matter what.
  • Peer groups: Is “pizza and games night” a regular thing? Is it always “pies and beers” at the football match? Is it always “cocktails and tapas” with the girls?
  • Cultural norms: Are feasts part of your culture?
  • Media and advertising: Does the phrase “be beach-body ready for Summer” motivate you or depress you?

They might not be pressures at all. These situations might be welcomed. The key is to be able to recognise when you are making a conscious choice and when you are unconsciously giving in.