Drinking orange juice and tomato juice while pregnant has been shown to improve infant intelligence

Orange Juice is good for baby's brain

A new study explores in greater depth the effect on infant cognition of drinking fruit juice while pregnant. Results show that infants whose mothers had their diets supplemented with fruit juice – particularly orange juice and tomato juice – performed significantly better on tests of memory. “Our results show that there is significant cognitive benefit … Read more

Traditional vegetable diet reduces risk of premature babies

Traditional diet aids pregnancy

It turns out we should follow our parent’s advice when we’re thinking about becoming parents ourselves, with a study finding eating the traditional ‘three-veggies’ before pregnancy lowers the risk of a premature birth. We analysed the diets of nearly 3500 women and found high consumption of carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, cabbage, green beans and potatoes … Read more

Fishy diet – in moderation – when pregnant improves the child’s metabolism

Oily fish can improve a child metabolic health

To eat or not to eat fish is a question that has long concerned pregnant women. A study, by Keck School of Medicine of USC, shows that children whose mothers ate moderate amounts of fish during pregnancy were more likely to have a better metabolic profile — despite the risk of exposure to mercury — than children whose mothers ate fish rarely.